Top Lists To Do While Exploring Bandung

Also called as Paris Van Java, Bandung is a travel destination you don’t want to miss. There is a lot of things you can do in Bandung. Enjoying the beautiful scenery is one thing, travelers who love shopping fashion wear with very reasonable price, Bandung is your heaven. Bandung Indonesia shopping hot spots, it will spoil you with up-to-date fashion wear without draining your budget. Fashion wear is not the only thing. In case that you need something like upholstery for home remodel or linen for certain occasion, then Bandung is your ideal travel destination.

Not only you get yourself refreshed after spending your fun time in Bandung, there is a possibility that you find a new idea for your new project. Delicious foods are another part of Bandung that will make you can’t resist to visit the city. Variety of traditional foods, it helps to learn more about the people and things around them. Even so, if you want to taste international foods, no worry, as you get exactly what you need. Simply say, Bandung is one package travel destination for any kind of traveler. If you want to embrace the breathtaking natural view, Bandung is not the let down.

The city is surrounded with tea and coffee plantations. You will also find some vegetable gardens and colorful fruit orchards, there. Set your plant to visit Bandung on your next trip, here are some options to get to the city. First, you get there by plane, either you are international or domestic travelers. Good thing, there are many airplane companies that offer cheap ticket. Second, shuttle car and bus are your alternative, so then you can explore the city. Just a suggestion for you, if you expect something more exclusive, shuttle car is worth considering as it caters better facility.

Third, if it is possible for you, then, you can go there by train. Though it is not as fast as plane, you get extra bonus. The mesmeric view that you can witness through the train’s windows, it caters you such a unique experience on its own. Now, it’s time for you to set properly your travel plan to Bandung. Consider about the budget, the hotel, and many other things. Travel to Bandung will give so much fun, and that is a real thing. Evens so, if you are going there with zero plan on your mind, you will be at loss.

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